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A Razer Headset Allegedly Saved Somebodys Life From A Bullet

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The pictures beneath were shared by the Redditor whereby they confirmed the Razer headset with a gap in it which was said to be brought on by the bullet in question. In all the reviews we have published of Razer products, it has never once occurred to any Android Police editor to carry out the final word penetration take a look at and see how well they stand up to bullets. Not for lack of creativity, it just seems counterproductive to shoot your hardware. But earlier this week, a Redditor posted pictures indicating that the Razer Kraken headphones were a real lifesaver for when someone received gun-happy within the neighborhood. “If it wasn’t for the headphones made with good quality, I would’ve been a lifeless child on the age of 18,” the Razer headset wearer wrote. “I couldn’t even imagine all the ache my household and associates would’ve been through”.

Razer advised PC Gamer that it wasn’t concerned in the post and that it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day prank by the corporate. It also confirmed that it will be gifting Enough_Dance_956 with a new headset. Tech Radar, meanwhile, contacted the Torrance, California police division to confirm the story, but have but to see the police report. Razer is certainly one of the biggest video game accent producers in the world, and is certainly one of the most popular online game hardware brands on the market. Now it appears Razer may get one other massive enhance in popularity, as stories indicate that a Razer headset might have very nicely saved a younger person’s life.

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The taking pictures occurred in Torrance, California, and the original poster believed the bullet was a stray from “someone with bad aim” a block away. The trajectory of the shot was by way of the window, then the highest of the headset, after which it struck the wall and then rolled onto a mattress. The bullet apparently perforated the gentle cover and padding of the head strap on the Razer headset, but it was deflected by the steel on the within and came out on the other side of the strap. While it’s hard to say whether or not a plastic building would have had the same effect, it’s honest to count on that some other solidly-built headset would have supplied comparable protection.

Razer Headset Saves Gamer From Being Shot

The Redditor shared an image (attached below) of his damaged headphones with the bullet mark on the highest of the cushioned headband. “You can see the damage,” Gonzalez stated as he showed CBS reporters the point of impression left by the bullet on the headset. When he is not filling the office with the scent of Pop-Tarts, he is reviewing all types of gaming hardware, from laptops with the most recent cell GPUs to gaming chairs with built-in again massagers. He’s been covering video games and tech for over ten years and has written for Dualshockers, WCCFtech, Tom’s Guide, and a bunch of different locations on the world broad web. A Razer rep told us that the company was not behind the submit, nor conscious of the incident before it appeared on Reddit.

Razer customer support apparently took the story seriously, though, and even offered to replace the $79 Kraken headset. To Enough_Dance_956’s credit score, the Redditor refused a replacement and simply thanked Razer, presumably for making a product sturdy enough to take a bullet and keep on enjoying tunes. A Razer Kraken headset stopped a bullet recently and seems to have saved the life of the gamer wearing it, the Kraken proprietor mentioned this week in some now viral posts. Redditor and gamer Enough_Dance_956 shared their account on the Razer subreddit along with pictures of the damaged headset and proof of the incident they recounted. It seems they also obtained in touch with Razer to thank them afterwards with Razer reportedly sending them a headset to replace the bullet-deflecting one. With it being April 1st, it’s only pure to query the validity of the story, but the photos do seem to line up with the story advised by Enough_Dance_956.

While the person mentioned they only wished to thank Razer for the quality of the headset and the protection it supplied, many people inside the discussion board pushed Razer to ship a substitute headset. In a separate publish, the Redditor mentioned that that they had indeed gotten a new headset from Razer throughout the week. While Redditors had been initially skeptical about a community submit made on April 1, Gonzalez posted more photos of the particular bullet and its entry point. According to him, the bullet got here through the window pane and blinds, ricocheted off his headset, and hit the wall of his room. Known as Enough_Dance_956 on Reddit, Gonzalez documented the close shave on the Razer subreddit.

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As per the Redditor, the bullet got here in the direction of him and hit the top of the headset, shattering the headband. The bullet was then deflected in path of a wall and finally landed on the user’s mattress. In a thread on Reddit, a user by the name of ‘Enough_Dance_956’ posted a sequence of photographs exhibiting the state of his headphones after a scary taking pictures exterior of his home.

Even Razer’s CEO Tan Min-Liang commented on the thread, “Whoa – that’s loopy. It made many marvel if it was a prank, which prompted him to post additional pictures. We hope that everyone involved is okay and that Razer realises that its manufacturing could have saved someone’s life. “It got here from a block away. It was a stray bullet. Someone with unhealthy purpose nearly killed me whereas I was just speaking to my associates,” they added.

The household remains to be hoping an arrest will be made, but they are saying they’ve learned not to take something without any consideration. The incident happened in Torrance, California and the headphones are the unique black Razer Kraken’s. “I would’ve been a useless child on the age of 18 …” alleges a gamer who lived due to Razer Kraken headphones on this fascinating tale of luck. All that mentioned, we don’t anticipate testing hardware to see the means it holds up to gunfire in the future. If you do, simply remember these had been over-the-ear headphones, not earbuds.

While it’s onerous to say whether or not a plastic construction would have had the identical impact, it is honest to anticipate that any other solidly-built headset would have supplied related safety. An 18-year-old gamer from California often recognized as Enough_Dance_956 lately posted a picture of a partially broken Razer Kraken headset to Reddit that they claim protected them from a stray bullet. The bullet reportedly came in by way of Enough_Dance_956’s bedroom window, hit the headset, ricocheted, and landed on their mattress. “If it wasn’t for the headphones made with good quality I would’ve been a lifeless kid at the age of 18,” Enough_Dance_956 said in a follow-up remark. With it being April 1st, it is solely natural to question the validity of the story, however the pictures do appear to line up with the story advised by Enough_Dance_956.

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a razer headset allegedly saved somebodys life from a bullet

Tan exclaimed that it was “crazy” and said that he is glad that the user is okay. Furthermore, the Redditor mentioned that he filed a police criticism after the event and confirmed that the police has taken the bullet into custody. As for the source of the bullet, it is unclear to whom it belonged, however it got here from a block away. While some others on the location didn’t imagine the consumer at first, he posted extra pictures revealing the state of the window and the bullet on the mattress. Razer has reportedly reached out to Enough_Dance_956, saying it is glad they are OK, and provided to switch his headset.

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The publish was made on the subreddit r/razer, where people focus on the favored gaming-oriented computer hardware company’s merchandise. Enough_Dance_956 posted four pictures to the subreddit displaying his headset and the opening in his window left by the bullet. A few days in the past, a Reddit user by the name of Enough_Dance_956 made a submit during which he claimed that his Razer headset saved his life. He acknowledged that a stray bullet was shot by way of his window and was miraculously stopped by his headphones. A Reddit consumer has posted photographs and claimed that the only purpose he was still alive to share the news was that the Razer headset had saved his life.

a razer headset allegedly saved somebodys life from a bullet

Though some Reddit customers questioned whether or not the story was real, the Redditor provided several photos to back up their claims. Of course, with no police report, it is onerous to know whether the story is true or not. If it’s faked although, the Redditor made their story impressively believable.

A Redditor named u/Enough_Dance_956 lately took to the official Razer subreddit to report that his Razer headphones deflected a stray bullet that got here via the user’s window. Although the headset didn’t survive the blow, it was in a place to divert the bullet away from the consumer, saving his life within the process. Gonzalez additionally shared photographs of the window with a bullet hole right subsequent to his gaming setup. In the Reddit submit, he says he believes the bullet went through his window, into the headset, bounced off the wall, and landed in his bed. In half because the Reddit post was made near April Fool’s day, it was met with heavy skepticism on the site.

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The alleged headset bullet deflection occurred in Torrance, Florida, and police reportedly came to the scene to take away the bullet and examine the scene. The story — brought to our attention by TechRadar — comes from Reddit person Enough_Dance_956 who says they of their home in California when the stray bullet smashed through the window. “I’m attempting to come up with someone at Razer to thank them with all my heart. If it wasn’t for the headphones [being] good high quality, I would’ve been a useless child on the age of 18,” said Gonzalez in a follow-up comment. According to the alleged shooting survivor, he filed a police report and took the pictures before the cops got here to gather the bullet.

a razer headset allegedly saved somebodys life from a bullet

Though this publish went up proper around April Fools’ Day, the individual sharing the pictures and the context assured folks that the incident was real and wasn’t made up. Another post shared by the user afterwards confirmed some extra photos together with one of many bullet itself which they said was picked up by police soon after a report was filed. In a submit, the Californian Redditor defined that on Wednesday, March 30, a bullet went via his window and hit the Razer headphones on top of his head. The publish has over 5,800 upvotes at the time of this writing, although there’s some debate about its authenticity. Enough_Dance_956 has provided photographic evidence to back up their claims, like the harm to the headset and the window, and a picture of the bullet itself, but some users still have their doubts.

In one other remark, the Reddit person says that Razer reached out and supplied to switch their headset. However, the consumer turned down the offer, saying they solely meant to precise their gratitude to Razer. Reddit person Enough_Dance_956 (opens in new tab) shared their terrifying story alongside a picture which exhibits a Razer headset with what what seems to be damage brought on by the bullet. The victim says they discovered the bullet on their mattress and filed a police report, after which authorities visited and collected the bullet. Enough_Dance_956 shared the story in hopes that it might get the eye of someone at Razer so that they could ship their thanks.

The shot apparently ripped the curtains over the window fixture off the wall earlier than ricocheting around his room and landing on his bed. “We supplied to switch his headset, but the thing only he needed to do was give thanks. I’m glad he’s alright and I’m positive his view of life has changed dramatically,” said Tan on his Facebook page. Following his initial post, Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan shared his response by way of a comment on the unique publish.

  • The trajectory of the shot was through the window, then the top of the headset, after which it struck the wall after which rolled onto a bed.
  • If you’ve grown up with a gradual diet of all issues associated to video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, sci-fi, devices, toys, Transformers a technique or another, this will be your second residence.
  • Of course, without a police report, it is exhausting to know whether or not the story is true or not.
  • The submit has over 5,800 upvotes on the time of this writing, though there’s some debate about its authenticity.
  • Not for lack of creativity, it simply appears counterproductive to shoot your hardware.
  • The firm additionally offered to switch the Razer headset however the user refused and advised that the post was only meant to thank Razer.

Would you be more likely to purchase a Razer headset figuring out that they’ve saved a man’s life? In 2020, an identical report emerged of a girl’s life being saved by her breast implants, which stopped a bullet from reaching vital organs. So thank you once more for taking your time to learn this,” stated the individual.

It supposedly stopped the stray bullet in its tracks and narrowly missed his head. Last Wednesday morning in Torrance, California, an 18-year-old gamer was apparently saved by a Razer headset when it deflected a stray bullet. The shot glanced off their Razer Kraken headset after piercing their bedroom window and ricocheting off a wall. No one was injured in the incident, though the victim reported a lingering headache.

a razer headset allegedly saved somebodys life from a bullet

However, Enough_Dance_956 turned them down as they only wished to thank the company. The Razer Kraken survived the ‘shootout’ and is seemingly still in working situation. If someone ever asks you why you favor a headset, just tell them it can save your life.

Normally when people buy Razer headphones they’re doing so for enhanced audio and not bullet protection, however it seems like a pair might have ended up saving a life. Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video video games professionally since 2011. Having written thousands of recreation critiques and articles over the course of his profession, Dalton considers himself a video game historian and strives to play as many video games as potential. Dalton covers the newest breaking information for Game Rant, in addition to writes reviews, guide content, and extra.

Responding LAPD officers could not consider what they were hearing after they arrived to survey the scene. They could not discover a shooter in the area and indicated that the bullet most likely wasn’t fired from shut vary. After scoring a level in English from ASU, I labored as a copy editor while freelancing for locations like SFX Magazine, Screen Rant, Game Revolution, and MMORPG on the aspect. Now, as GamesRadar’s west coast Staff Writer, I’m answerable for managing the location’s western regional govt department, AKA my house, and writing about whatever horror sport I’m too afraid to finish.

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