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    The crypto industry is indeed a flourishing and growing industry that has gained huge popularity in recent times. Many potential cryptocurrencies are not only expensive but highly volatile, which discourages normal people from investing. However, there are several altcoins that are not only reasonable but promise great results and can be the perfect investment opportunity for you. If you are planning to trade cryptocurrency, you may consider using a reputable trading platform that will help you out in your trading journey.

    Finding what cryptocurrency is perfect for you and that too under 1$ is indeed not a simple task. The market is flooded with a number of different digital currencies, all having the potential to transform the global market, but what really stands out from the rest is what matters. Cryptocurrencies are volatile digital currencies that majorly include bitcoins and altcoins. The blockchain-based currency is decentralised and can provide high investment returns when traded the right way. Based on your investment strategies, budget, time, hold, crypto, bitcoin trading platform, and trade status. We have come up with the top ten altcoins under 1$; one can choose to trade-in. 

    To direct you on the right path and help you make a wise investment decision, here are TOP TEN ALTCOINS UNDER 1$ THAT WILL EXPLODE IN 2022. 

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    One of the best cryptocurrencies under 1$ to invest in, Lucky block, was launched in January 2022 and is designed to change and improvise the traditional lottery system. Factors such as improving lottery transparency and eliminating unfairness are the major tasks being performed by the crypto-lottery platform today. Open and reasonably priced, the currency provides frequent chances of huge prize pay-outs. 

    2. SHIBA INU

    Classified as the most promising altcoin, the “meme cryptocurrency” exploded and became popular in October 2021, thanks to the social media buzz. Based on the hyped appeal, Shiba Inu gives a similar feel to dogecoin. 

    3. XLM

    Stellar (XLM), The new altcoin is a distributed form of a payment network, administered by Stellar Lumens, the network’s native currency. XLM enables users to enjoy faster transactions, globally and with minimal fees, irrespective of the currency. Designed to transform the traditional banking system, Stellar is indeed a prominent cryptocurrency to consider in 2022. 

    4. REN

    Launched in 2017, Ren was built by IT and crypto specialists as an open Ethereum protocol that enables users to transfer crypto tokens across blockchains, giving them the freedom of transactions. This technique also allows creators to integrate other blockchain-based tokens into their protocol. 

    5. MANA

    Decentraland (MANA) is a metaverse cryptocurrency, whereas decentraland is a virtual world run by blockchain. Here users can create their own avatars and buy in-game lands and essentials. All these items are created as NFT, and the platform can be monetized via marketplaces. 

    6. AAVE 

    One of the best altcoins within the DeFi protocol, AAVE is popular among analysts as the best currency to buy in the DeFi space. The altcoin enables users to borrow and lend currency without any hassle. Liquidity pools function through smart contracts, where AAVE sets the interest rates and collateral ratios automatically. 

    7. CARDANO

    ADA (Cardano) is an open-source blockchain-based network that performs as a platform for creators to build decentralised applications for smart contracts. The protocol is created by academic experts from peer-reviewed literature. 

    8. ALGO

    Alogrand or ALGO is another innovative and scalable project based on blockchain technology. The pure proof of the stake network was constructed by Silvio Micali. The platform offers marvellous smart contract features and can be the right one to invest in 2022. 

    9. CRV

    Curve (CRV) is another very reasonable altcoin for stablecoin trading. Constructed on the Ethereum network, the currency allows hassle-free stablecoins change and is the second-largest DeFi project with a value of over $14.4 billion. 

    10. CHILIZ

    An entertainment and sports-based crypto project, Chiliz is a digital token launched in 2018. The official cryptocurrency of Socios and proprietary exchange, an engagement platform working in partnership with a big sports team, Chiliz is another great cryptocurrency under 1$ for entertainment and sports properties. Sports and entertainment fans buy these tokens and vote for their favourite teams. 


    Apart from the high-rated bitcoin and Ethereum, there are several other cryptocurrencies that not only have potential but provide users access to convenient fees, easy transactions globally, smart contracts, and even decentralised applications. The rising world of cryptocurrency has resulted in promoting other cryptocurrencies that were once neglected due to less awareness. 


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