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Bitcoin Dice Games – Things To Know Before You Start Betting

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Betting on the roll of a dice is of course one of the oldest games known to humanity and might be more than 4000 years old. While there are many land-based games, and every land-based casino offers a selection, the advent of bitcoin dice games has allowed the variety of dice games to proliferate. 

The essence of cryptocurrency dice games

Not only are there all sorts of interesting variations on the basic dice game, but these days dice games are based upon cryptocurrency, which is a very lucrative option as it allows you to win considerable amounts. The sums of bitcoin you win become an investment as they tend to immensely increase in value over time. All in all, this is a very lucrative form of gambling. There are a lot of sites available, and you can choose those that appeal to you. 

Some sites have interesting graphics, while others have an antique look and feel, but one should not choose a site based upon its interface, but rather choose it based on the rules and advantages that it offers. Each site will tend to offer its own set of rules and advantages, with some sites offering a small but continuous stream of bitcoin bonuses to players who are starting out, while other sites reduce the house advantage to give a player a better chance of a win. Despite all the variations, bitcoin dice games are just as simple as dice games always have been, which is part of their attraction for the average dice player. 

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Try your hand at different strategies

Let’s focus on a few strategies used by successful gamblers. Doubling down is considered a reasonable strategy by many, but it should be approached with caution, as there is a potential flaw in the system. This strategy of doubling down is also called a martingale system, and it involves doubling the bet that you place each time you suffer a loss. 

Theoretically, it sounds great – eventually, when you win, you will win back all your losses and make a profit as well. In reality, the martingale system is based upon an assumption that there is always a 50% chance of a win or a loss, and that a streak of losses cannot continue indefinitely. In reality, this is not so, and it is possible for there to be an exceptional run of bad luck, and if you keep doubling the bets, this can result in exponential losses. 

A much better strategy for the beginner in a bitcoin casino is the password strategy which requires that you double the bet immediately after you have a win. This strategy works on an assumption that there is a streak of good luck, and that wins tend to repeat themselves. This strategy requires that if you win three times in succession that you should return to your original bet amount. 

Another very sensible strategy for the beginner is to divide your bankroll into a hundred parts, and then make fifty bets of exactly the same size with one-half of the bankroll. Then wait a while and bet the remaining fifty parts. 

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Although there are many strategies to choose from, over time you’ll find the one that suits you best. 

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