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Does Jujutsu Kaisen Have An End Credit Scene

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However, everytime he received close to Tengen to stop his assimilation, a six eyes user stopped him. The query of who was possessing Geto Suguru was one thing the fandom had discussed for a really long time. However, once the id of brain was confirmed in chapter a hundred forty five to be Kenjaku, the discussions immediately shifted gears and centered on what Kenjaku’s grand plan was. That arc is a flashback to Gojo’s youth when he and Geto had been tasked with protecting a young woman from these attempting to kill her.

Once finest friends, they parted methods as a outcome of their polarizing ideologies. After debuting in Japan on Christmas Eve, the animated movie shattered field office information because the highest-grossing movie in 2021 at US$91M. Without spoiling an extreme quantity of, Itadori is responsible for lots of deaths in that storyline, which includes a few of his closest friends. So when the 2 protagonists of this franchise finally meet, there’s going to be a lot of pressure, to say the least. The post-credits scene supplies specific teasers for episodes the place Yuta is talked about.

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Okkotsu’s debut in Jujutsu Kaisen’s major present won’t be all jolly and smiley. In the manga, Yuta doesn’t show up until after the Shibuya Incident arc, which fans presume will type the majority of season two. And that’s dangerous news for Itadori, because Yuta is definitely there to execute our hero. The cause why is because Yuta’s off working overseas on a mission, which isn’t unusual for faculty kids of his energy. And due to this, Itadori and his newest pals haven’t had the prospect to satisfy Okkotsu but.

In contrast with Geto, who fights by stealing and harnessing the cursed energy of others, Yuta’s second of truth just isn’t about overcoming his grief or ending his ache. On the contrary, Yuta’s greatest power comes when he channels the ache he’s gone through, the death he is carried with him for so lengthy, and uses it to live and to allow others to stay. As he tells Geto, he’s preventing with “pure love” and turning a adverse right into a constructive.

According to the official key visible launch, that’s if the anime precisely adapts the manga, Yuta Okkotsu would most likely make his official anime debut in the third season of the collection. The end credit score scene from the film suits into chapter a hundred forty five of the manga, the place Gojo is trapped in a jail realm, and Yuta is back in japan. While this temporary scene may appear vague to a mean anime audience, manga fans don’t feel the identical means because it shares a powerful connection to the present manga timeline. The chapter also reveals a quick battle between Sukuna and Yorozu and Megumi waking up after killing his sister, Tsumiki. Yorozu, an aged cursed spirit, is no match for the King of Curses and despite the actual fact that she dominates Sukuna, he remains unscathed in their fierce encounters.

Not just that, he obtained fortunate a second time by getting to own the body of a useless Geto. People often are inclined to overlook this, however the truth is that this – Kenjaku wouldn’t have had such an excellent time executing his plans if both of those two events had not turned out in his favor. Once the cursed womb experiment failed, Kenjaku started devising a new plan the place his human potential won’t restrict the result of his experiment.

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does jujutsu kaisen have an end credit scene

Suguru shares a moment along with his old pal Satoru, whereas Yuta lastly realises the thriller Rika’s curse. Then he decides to remain at Jujutsu Tech, learning more concerning the ominous world of curses, with Panda, Maki, and Toge. Knowing how defiant Gojo may be with the elders, Gojo may be pulling off some bizarre plan once more as he did with Yuji’s apparent death.

Jujutsu Kaisen

You see, lengthy earlier than we saw what he even seemed like, we would already heard so much about Yuta. Having seen him in action in the film, it’s simple to see why everyone can be so impressed with Yuta’s abilities. It is usually a bit complicated to know exactly where “Jujutsu Kaisen zero” suits within the bigger world of “Jujutsu Kaisen” and the method it connects to the announced season 2. In a published Q&A with Gege Akutami, the creator and manga author was asked if they’ll ever reveal what Satoru Gojo mentioned in this scene. Translated by shiro on Twitter, the creator hinted that his words are literally found somewhere in Volume zero itself.

does jujutsu kaisen have an end credit scene

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After the occasions of Jujutsu Kaisen zero, the post-credit scene seems to have a complete change within the scenario. Fans caught a quick glimpse of Yuta, who gave the impression to be having Beef Stew in Africa along with his former foe, Miguel. Theaters have been hyped up when Gojo lastly stepped into the scene and greeted the pair. Let us know in the feedback under and please no manga spoilers for the anime-only watchers out there. Speaking of Geto, the last time we see him within the movie is with Gojo who we know were very shut pals years in the past.

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This signifies that Yuta made one hell of an impression on those round him. But before that, Geto, a former student of Jujutsu High School who turned to evil, bites the dust. After amassing an army of curses in order to steal Rika — who he calls the Queen of Curses — for himself, Geto loses a fight against Yuta and is mortally wounded. It is his former best good friend, Gojo, who delivers the killing blow off-screen (we do hear a slash, followed by a heavy drop). By acknowledging her as a curse and by letting go of his feeling of guilt, Rika is finally free of the curse and allowed to maneuver on. We get a rather shifting scene the place she turns again right into a human and says goodbye to Yuta, telling him not to hurry to see her once more.

Sadly, their talk about meals is interrupted by Gojo, who walks in and informs Yuta that it is time for a brand new mission. You’d better sit by way of the credits of “Jujutsu Kaisen 0,” as a result of we’ve a post-credits scene that goes a protracted approach to set up the next season. The events of “Jujutsu Kaisen zero” span approximately a yr, and it takes place two years earlier than the events of the anime.

His childhood sweetheart, Rika Orimoto, is haunting him, and he isn’t coping very nicely. In Jujutsu Kaisen, all dwelling beings emanate power referred to as Cursed Energy (呪力, Juryoku), which arises from unfavorable feelings that naturally circulate all through the physique. As a end result, they frequently lose Cursed Energy, ensuing in the start of Curses (呪い, Noroi), a race of non secular beings whose main need is to convey harm to humanity.

After double majoring in Physics and Mathematics at MIT and doing a brief stint as an Analyst at an investment agency, he realized that writing about his nerdy interests was his true calling. When Ben isn‚Äôt writing about comedian books, he’s most probably studying them or participating in considered one of his many other hobbies like card magic. Ben can also be a regular contributor to the Mega Manga Mondays podcast and has his own YouTube channel YGOFrom0 where he does deep dives into historic formats of the Yu-Gi-Oh! The scene takes place someplace in Africa, and we meet Yuta having a delicious lunch with Miguel, a former follower of Goto who appears to be training Yuta. In the anime it was talked about that Yuta was abroad, and we really saw each him and Miguel during a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo within the second opening sequence.

Gege Akutami revealed zero as a oneshot before serializing the principle manga, which takes place one year later. And it is fairly important to know the story of Jujutsu Kaisen zero protagonist Yuuta Okkotsu for the following arcs previous the season 1 ending. Saturu Gojo is on the case, discovering and enrolling Yuta in Jujutsu Tech, to study all about curses, and how to handle them.

  • Not just that, he obtained lucky a second time by getting to possess the physique of a useless Geto.
  • In the movie, Yuta is enlisted in the particular Jujutsu High School, which goals to teach sorcerers to deal with and management cursed vitality or spirits, which are born out of negative feelings.
  • I would not be surprised at all if a second season sequel for Jujutsu Kaisen is announced the same day the 0 film releases.
  • But earlier than that, Geto, a former student of Jujutsu High School who turned to evil, bites the mud.
  • And this is key because the post-credits scene does not occur in the past like the the rest of this prequel.
  • In the most important twist of Jujutsu Kaisen zero, it seems Yuta cursed Rika, with hidden magical vitality from his bloodline.

The pleasure in the air for chapter 220 of Jujutsu Kaisen has been phenomenal. The manga released in 2018 has shortly turn out to be a fan favourite of readers. This isn’t the primary time brain/Kenjaku has attempted to carry out his plan.

These last few (couple dozen?) chapters are simply characters being launched and dying, or simply dying, and… There was a cool thought for the story on r/CharacterRant where quite than powering up Yuji, they’d discover a method to eliminate curse vitality altogether. It’s a poignant second in the movie and comics, and one of many uncommon scenes that reveal Satoru Gojo’s true character. This has led followers to invest and conclude that he probably informed Geto the same thing he informed Yuta in his very last strains within the comedian and film. If you managed to catch the highly anticipated film, you’ll notice that one of the most outstanding scenes of the movie occurs in the direction of the top. If you need more anime, take a look at our most anticipated anime of 2022 video beneath and likewise our list of the Winter 2022 anime in case you missed the last batch of latest collection.

does jujutsu kaisen have an end credit scene

After discovering her nonetheless, Megumi is shocked to find out that Tsumiki has become host to a powerful curse named Yorozu, and Sukuna takes his alternative to take over Megumi’s body. However, Kokichi betrays them to protect his pals, and is then killed by Mahito. On Halloween, Geto and the cursed spirits lay a screen over Shibuya, and varied sorcerers, including Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, and Gojo, arrive at the scene to struggle them. Gojo fights and exorcises varied cursed spirits, but is sealed away by Geto in a particular artifact.

Maki says that the Exchange Event was previous to Yuta releasing Rika so he had an overwhelming victory. This is why Yuji and the gang had the Exchange Event in Tokyo since Yuta won the yr earlier than. However, fans might have to wait past season two of the anime for this scene to be adapted. Yuta Okkotsu will be the protagonist of this film, however he doesn’t seem in season one of the anime, which was first launched in 2020 earlier than its prelude story.

The events additionally reveal that the current Geto just isn’t the original but rather Geto’s corpse possessed by an historical sorcerer named Kenjaku. Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has proved its value as one of the best shonen prequel movies of our time. With excellent animation requirements and a grasping story, followers have indulged in the world of Gege Akutami’s world of curses and spirits.

Timing-wise, it’s also attainable that the prequel’s final moments won’t come into play until season three. Originally titled Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School, these first pages actually got here earlier than the principle Jujutsu Kaisen story now seen within the regular anime collection. And it wasn’t until Akutami discovered success with these comics that he went again and rebranded this primary arc as Jujutsu Kaisen zero, which has since been adapted into a prequel film. The movie’s plot revolves across the JJK premise and sets up subsequent storylines effectively. For those unfamiliar with the sequence, JJK zero is extremely beneficial, however for fans of the anime solely, the film’s post-credit scene has generated unbelievable pleasure. The Jujutsu Kaisen zero movie’s first screenings will end in a few hours.

Of course, Geto would eventually additionally turn out to be a serious villain similar to Slur. Both arcs also have enjoyable callbacks and foreshadowing to events occurring within the current day. And while the arc in Sakamoto Days isn’t finished yet, it’s closely implied based mostly on Sakamoto’s purpose for sharing it that the arc will finish similarly to the one in Jujutsu Kaisen. There are still a couple of months left until Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season airs, but followers ought to read one other Shonen Jump manga whereas they wait. Yorozu’s backstory was actually shallow and it didn’t really praise her as a character, and killing her and Tsumiki off wastes both of them.

To reassure his students that Yuji continues to be alive, Gojo gives them African amulets in episode 14. Megumi, a fellow scholar at Jujutsu High, reveals that Yuta is on a mission overseas in episode 5 of the JJK anime. There is, in reality, a post-credit scene in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 that not only wraps up free ends from Season 1, but additionally units the stage for Seasons 2 and 3. The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film has no release date details exterior Japan but.

does jujutsu kaisen have an end credit scene

Furthermore, the prequel’s ending essentially paved the method in which for season 2 of the principle series. The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film was released on December 24, 2021, in Japanese theaters, and a publish credits scene announcement has been officially teased, maybe for a season 2 reveal. Kenjaku then unleashes a slew of curses on Japan, ushering in chaos and a world of cursed spirits paying homage to the Heian period, the prime interval of Jujutsu Sorcerers. In their current state, Tengen is extra of a cursed spirit than a human.

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