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    A player aims a gun at a dragon in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

    Screenshot: Gearbox

    In case you’ve performed Borderlandsyou’ve performed Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Gearbox’s newest, a fantasy twist on the loot-shooting sequence for which the studio is understood, feels lots just like the earlier 4 video games—and 400 expansions and occasions—within the sequence. You shoot a bazillion weapons. You discover a bazillion extra.

    However Wonderlands is greater than meets the attention. I’ve spent a lot of the previous week messing round with the sport, and have discovered it a surprisingly refreshing break from the usual Borderlands blueprint. In reality, I—and this is likely to be exhausting to imagine—have even needed to study some new issues. Listed here are 13 ideas and methods I want I knew from the beginning.

    You’ll be able to select a second class

    Wonderlands options six lessonsand has you select yours whereas creating a brand new character. Every class has only one talent tree, and whereas the flavour textual content provides you a good overview of every one, it doesn’t allow you to view the complete talent tree. Personally, I detest when video games make you choose a category from the beginning: It’s a bummer to make such a vital selection with out having any clue how the sport performs! Wonderlandsnevertheless, makes it a little bit of a neater capsule by permitting you to pick out a secondary class down the road. That choice turns into obtainable after you end the “Emotion of the Ocean” story mission.

    The map in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands shows a feather icon for fast-travel.

    Search for this image for simple fast-traveling.
    Screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku

    You’ll be able to fast-travel from the map

    Confession: I spent the primary few hours of Wonderlands fast-traveling from the varied teleportation machines round its world. Yeah, about that…You’ll be able to fast-travel straight from the map by availing your self of the fast-travel menu (within the map menu) or by holding “A” over any feather icons (additionally on the map). Right here, right here for comfort!

    Gold gear is uncommon

    Borderlands 3 shot itself within the foot by dropping gold-tiered objects—the rarest gear, most of which has distinctive perks—at, oh, roughly the identical charge it’d drop pickups like ammo and gold. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandsnot less than within the pre-endgame marketing campaign, I’ve discovered that gold weapons have been blissfully uncommon. Thus far, I’ve earned only a handful. In case you’re enjoying a cordial sport of “coopetition,” the setting the place loot is shared amongst gamers, hold that in thoughts when it comes time to divvying up the spoils. You may not see one other gold sniper for some time.

    Bonus tip for co-op: By its nature, the coopetition mode calls for some competitors. If that’s not what you need, you may simply play the usual cooperation mode, the place loot is exclusive to every participant. Nevertheless it’s essential, too, to concentrate on the “coop” a part of “coopetition.” My rule? Something dropped by cannon fodder is truthful sport. Loot earned from chests and managers, nevertheless, requires diplomacy.

    However not all the time higher

    Loot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is color-coded by a rarity system you’re seemingly aware of, from most to least frequent: white, inexperienced, blue, purpleand gold. It’s second-nature to imagine that rarer gear is mechanically higher. However don’t sleep on the frequent stuff. Proper now, as an example, with my major character, inexperienced weapons occupy two of my 4 weapon slots. It’s value inspecting and attempting each new gun out earlier than instantly promoting it off.

    In single-player, you possibly can see all of a weapon’s data on a pop-up blurb by hovering over it in your stock. When enjoying splitscreen, nevertheless, you don’t see any of that stuff. To get a rundown, that you must click on the appropriate thumbstick.

    There’s a selected noise for high-level gear

    You’ll be able to spot a loot’s rarity stage by preserving an eye fixed out for particular color-coded beams of sunshine, however there’s one other inform. When purple gear drops, you’ll hear a ch-ching! (It’s a bit louder for gold weapons.) That’s your cue that there’s a uncommon merchandise someplace on the sector. Run!

    The extra cube you discover, the higher loot you get

    Most good loot comes from chests and boss fightshowever Wonderlands introduces a 3rd choice. You’ll discover golden, 20-sided cube strewn across the map, sometimes tucked off the crushed path. Smash them open, and also you’ll get a loot drop. And the extra cube you discover, the higher loot you’ll get from the subsequent die you discover in that given area. You’ll be able to verify to see what number of cube you’ve present in a area by opening your map, tabbing over to the “progress” tab, and scrolling all the way down to the “fortunate cube” bar.

    Melee weapons are literally efficient

    For years, melee assaults in Borderlands have been a joke (with apologies to followers of Krieg and Zer0). Wonderlands upends that by introducing a brand new weapon class: melee weapons. These instruments—axes, swords, halberds, maces, and different renaissance faire toys—are simply as efficient and simply as various because the “bazillions of weapons” the sport’s advertising likes to trumpet. Use them!

    You’ll be able to accumulate assets in bulk

    It’s a trick from Borderlands previous that made its technique to Wonderlands: You’ll be able to press “X” (on Xbox) to select up each particular person little bit of ammo or gold. Or you possibly can maintain it down to assemble all the minor collectibles without delay. (That is enormously useful for the various fetch quests that have you ever gathering 20 goblin enamel or no matter.)

    Equally, holding “X” whereas taking a look at a chunk of drugs on the bottom means that you can straight equip it somewhat than popping it into your stock menu first.

    A player looks at a blue shotgun in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands on Xbox Series X.

    See that purple bucket on these objects on the appropriate? Which means one thing is marked as “trash.”
    Screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku

    And you may promote trash in bulk

    The simplest technique to earn cash in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is to select up every thing, even the garbage-level gear, and promote it. You’ll be able to mark objects as trash by clicking the left thumbstick over any trash objects in your menu. The following time you discover a vendorsometimes by fast-travel spots, go to the promote tab and press “Y” to unload all of that stuff immediately.

    Elemental weaknesses assist (huge time)

    Weapons in Wonderlands can drop with considered one of 4 parts, every of which is simpler towards a selected class of well being:

    • Hearth weapons deal further injury towards purple well being bars.
    • Caustic weapons deal further injury towards yellow armor bars.
    • Electrical weapons deal further injury towards blue defend bars.
    • Frost weapons deal further injury towards grey bone bars (a new-to-the-series classification of well being).
    • Okay, wonderful, there’s technically a fifth “darkish magic” one, however it doesn’t deal any bonus injury. It simply heals you.

    Being attentive to sort matchups isn’t crucial in any respect on the usual problem stage; you possibly can just about shoot your means by means of something. However on intensethe very best setting, it turns into crucial—and makes the sport a bit extra partaking because of this.

    You’ll be able to swap your weapons with the D-pad

    By default in Wonderlandsyou possibly can press “Y” to swap weapons, whereas tapping left or proper on the D-pad means that you can rapidly cycle by means of missions. In the meantime, urgent down on the D-pad will swap a weapon’s hearth mode, if, say, you have got a kind of fancy sniper rifles that may additionally flip right into a shotgun.

    However for those who swap button management schemes—within the controls menu, hit the appropriate set off twice—from the usual setting to the basic one, you’ll map your weapons to every route of the D-pad. Within the early goings, when you possibly can equip simply two weapons, counting on only one button to swap isn’t a trouble. When you begin carting 4 round, although, biking by means of your weapons can get annoying. The one downside to swapping to the D-pad? To pick out a special mission than the one you’re on, it’s a must to [gasp] open up your menu.

    You’ll be able to arrange the menu

    Like earlier Borderlands video games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a catastrophe of a menu, all cluttered and disorganized. However there are some group choices you possibly can avail your self of. In your journalyou possibly can press “X” to swap between two show modes. “Quest sort” differentiates between principal missions and side-quests and such, whereas swapping to “area” will categorize your quests by, effectively, area. In your stock, you possibly can faucet the appropriate set off to reorder your gear by rarity, weapon sort, and score (primarily, its efficacy in relation to your stage).

    Water kills you

    Wonderlands is ready in a make-believe fantasy world inside a make-believe sci-fi world, the place ghosts and dragons are as frequent as individuals, the place pirate ships can seem out of skinny air, the place you your self can carry out all types of feats that far exceed what any human might do. However the second you contact water? Lifeless. Together with a bit of your gold. You’ve been warned!

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