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Physician Who: The ten Greatest Thirteenth Physician Memes

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Together with her infectiously optimistic outlook and bubbly character, the Thirteenth Physician has grow to be certainly one of Physician Who’s loveliest Medical doctors so far. Her immense reputation has led to the creation of many memes, which have a good time the character’s cheery nature.

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These artistic endeavors cowl many features of the present Physician’s period, as viewers supply their very own distinctive takes on her adventures.  The Thirteenth Physician’s viral items have taken the net world by storm, proving herself to be probably the most widespread incarnations so far.


Maintain My Coat

One of many Physician’s defining traits is the character’s tendency to intrude within the affairs of others, and this has grow to be a frequent matter amongst meme creators. Tumblr’s timelordthirteen gives her personal tackle a second from the episode “The Witchfinders,” which sees the Thirteenth Physician deciding to assist a drowning girl.

Timelordthirteen amusingly factors out the irony of the scene, with this Physician’s actions happening after she beforehand warned her companions to not become involved. It is a humorous and frank commentary on how the Time Lord tends to disregard her personal recommendation when confronted with injustice.

Frank Sinatra Tickets

In response to some followers, the introduction of a feminine Physician in season 11 modified Dr. Who eternally, with the episode Rosa, specifically, highlighting this new period. This meme exhibits the Physician and her companion Yaz awarding free Frank Sinatra tickets to the Tenth Physician reasonably than the bus driver featured within the episode.

This alternate depiction delivers a enjoyable riff on one of many Tenth Physician’s most iconic quotes, turning the Thirteenth Physician’s comment about not wanting to enter a comical call-back to the Tenth Physician’s final line. This ends in a hilarious response from the Physician’s previous incarnation, who is way from happy to be listening to these phrases, creating one of many present’s most viral memes.

Cursed With Data

Jodie Whittaker’s announcement because the Thirteenth Physician shocked audiences throughout the globe in 2017, however one meme suggests it will not be the primary time the sci-fi hero confirmed a extra female aspect. This publish supplies 4 examples of occasions the place earlier Physician actors assumed a feminine id.

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The meme provides a humorous slant on Jodie Whittaker’s standing as the primary feminine Physician, as the image sarcastically declares to be “cursed with information.” Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi are nearly unrecognizable, and the sudden nature of seeing these well-known actors in drag assist to make this a memorable meme.

Three Medical doctors Pointing

Regarded by followers as certainly one of Flux’s biggest characters, the Thirteenth Physician really shines all through the present’s newest collection. This meme, primarily based on the episode “The Vanquishers,” sees the Thirteenth Physician’s assembly with two different variations of herself represented within the type of an iconic Spider-Man picture.

The image acts as a enjoyable recreation of certainly one of Flux’s standout scenes, with duplicates of the Thirteenth Physician pointing in shock at one another’s presence. With many followers eagerly sharing the meme, it is unlikely to be forgotten anytime quickly.

Free Cookie Face

Every incarnation of the Physician demonstrates their very own distinctive pursuits, and one of many Thirteenth Physician’s most well-known quirks is her love for custard lotions. This meme delivers web customers a playful slant on this facet of the Time Lord’s character, labeling the Physician’s wide-eyed expression as her “free cookie face.”

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This picture captures the Thirteenth Physician’s enthusiasm for custard lotions properly, as Jodie Whittaker stares in awe at her TARDIS’s biscuit dispenser. It is a meme that completely encapsulates the enjoyment that the Time Lord’s thirteenth incarnation feels upon acquiring a custard cream from her trusty ship, in an image that has been circulated many occasions throughout the web.

The Absorbaloff’s Return

“Spyfall’s” shock ending confirmed Jodie Whittaker’s Physician discovering Gallifrey in ruins, and this scene has led to an particularly memorable meme. Twitter consumer @MonstersAndLove has offered an alternate tackle these closing moments, because the Abzorbaloff – who featured in certainly one of Physician Who’s worst episodes, in keeping with IMDB – reveals he absorbed all the Time Lord race.

This picture is an amusing variation on “Spyfall’s” conclusion, with Jodie’s Physician staring in horror on the Abzorbaloff.  That includes a splendidly absurd close-up of the alien creature protruding its tongue, this meme’s quirky nature has seen it collect a lot curiosity on-line from the fan group.


The Physician has typically held an in depth relationship with their companions throughout their many incarnations. Some followers nevertheless consider the Time Lord’s thirteenth regeneration holds a extra intimate relationship together with her companion, Yaz. This widespread fan-ship has resulted in one of many Thirteenth Physician’s finest memes, because it reveals the Fugitive Physician to be a “Thasmin” shipper.

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This meme supplies an entertaining reference to this distinguished fandom motion. The Physician’s shock at seeing the TARDIS’s entrance signage changed with the phrases “Thasmin” gives a humorous second, as she appears genuinely stunned. Nevertheless, it is the often stern Fugitive Physician’s declaration that she “ships” the Physician and Yaz which really sells it, with many followers tickled by this stunning revelation.

Time’s Warning

A woman tells another person - captioned as the Doctor - behind a cell door about the Master, and a caption states that the Doctor thinks this is over now.

Physician Who’s newest collection sparked a number of the wildest and weirdest fan theories and rumors, however none proved fairly as unusual as Time’s bodily manifestation in Flux’s grand finale. Tumblr poster alice-blogs-things has offered her personal humorous tackle Time’s warning to the Thirteenth Physician, which entails Time’s embodiment referencing the Grasp.

The meme gives a witty commentary on the Time Lord’s earlier closing adventures and delivers a playful callback to previous regeneration tales, which have sometimes featured the Grasp exacting their newest masterplan. With the Thirteenth Physician’s closing hours quick approaching, this meme’s well timed nature has seen it grow to be a agency favourite amongst followers.

13 And Kermit

As arguably certainly one of Physician Who’s strangest episodes, “It Takes You Away” is a narrative that took many followers unexpectedly upon its broadcast in 2018. This meme gives a very surreal tackle the episode, which sees the sci-fi collection unexpectedly cross over with The Muppets.

It is an amusing parody of the episode’s closing moments, which entails the Thirteenth Physician talking to the Solitract. This brilliantly barmy image captures the episode’s surreal really feel properly, because it calmly mocks the story’s odd determination to indicate the Solitract taking over the type of a frog. This loopy crossover has been shared many occasions by followers, who’ve taken a lot delight from Kermit’s sudden look.

Crime Lord

British Conservative MP Nick Fletcher’s remarks, linking male crime to Jodie Whittaker’s casting because the Thirteenth Physician, have created fairly the stir on-line, with many followers desirous to defend the Physician Who star. It has additionally sparked a number of the funniest memes, together with this comical picture of Jodie Whittaker brandishing a gun.

This meme really speaks to the absurdity of Nick Fletcher’s feedback, with Jodie Whittaker’s gleeful expression contrasting hilariously with the gun held in her hand. The picture additionally supplies an ironic perspective on the MP’s misjudged views, because the Physician’s sturdy aversion to weapons contrasts immediately with her determination to wield the weapon. This image ridicules Fletcher’s feedback and has grow to be probably the most widespread memes so far.

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