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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker grapes meme is formally ineffective

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For folks on their journey on account of Eorzea, stopping to look on the grapes on the Meryall Agronomics stage-of-desire in Labyrinthos was a ceremony of passage. There, players might uncover the latest meme within the Final Fantasy franchise, the crystal grapes. Now, that period has ended.

Within the notes for Endwalker patch 6.01, on the fairly base of the resolved considerations space, it states an concern of “the polygon rely of grapes in Labyrinthos have been diminished in surplus to cut back process reminiscence utilization within the location.” It then states the grapes have been “adjusted to be akin to people found on the Crystarium.”

The low-poly grapes have been lovingly nicknamed the crystal grapes owing to the pores and skin of the grapes searching for as if it had been being the type of a crystal, which is why it didn’t simply take gamers lengthy to place the pores and pores and skin in location of the mother crystal.

On the nonetheless left is a pre-patch picture with the crystal grapes, and on the proper is what players will stumble upon following the 6.1 patch.

Screengrabs via Sq. Enix

Builders must have caught on to the issue quickly after gamers turned the lower-poly grapes right into a meme, turning them into the mother crystal and the pondering orb. With the introduction of the 6.1 patch, which gives the brand new raid and a ton of tweaks and fixes, the meme is formally ineffective, and the participant base just isn’t all proper.

The response from admirers was swift, and the rework was talked about on social media rather more than anything within the patch notes. Even the official Final Fantasy 14 Twitter account purchased in on the fulfilling.

While the builders ruined all of our grape hopes and objectives, the crystal grapes will dwell on in gamers’ hearts. Within the phrases of the terrific Emet-Selch: “Bear in mind us. Understand that we the second lived.”

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