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TheCoinTrust Review – Why trade with TheCoinTrust? [Updated]

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TheCoinTrust is a trading platform with great features needed for successful trading and allows traders to trade all kinds of assets option such as cryptocurrency, forex, commodity, and stocks. 

TheCoinTrust is regulated and it follows strict KYC and AML policies to ensure that its platform is free from illegal activities and entities. After carefully reviewing the platform, below are some of the things we like about the platform.

Some Good Features We Like About TheCoinTrust

Easy To Start a Trading Account

You will be glad to know that opening an account with TheCoinTrust is quite easy with convenient registration requirements. Even if you are a beginner trader and don’t have a lot of money, you can still register with the broker and start trading a demo account to improve your trading skill and gain more experience before trading a live account. However, you will need to provide certain detailed identification information at the time of registration. This identification process is part of the fair process that TheCoinTrust has in place to prevent money launderers from using their platform.

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The Platform Has Excellent User Experience 

The last thing you want as a trader in the modern world is to be tied to your desktop computer for the sake of trading. Do you have to wait for all the financial market notifications to arrive in your email? What if you want notifications on your phone because they’re easy to see and because you’re on your phone most of the day? With a platform like the one you get from TheCoinTrust, you can get all your notifications on your smartphone. On top of that, their trading platform is fully compatible with your smartphone and tablet.  There is also a web and desktop version of the software available. 

What you will love about the TheCoinTrust trading platform is its ease of use. You won’t have to go through a steep learning curve. All information about tables, graphs, available leverage, etc. is available to you directly on the dashboard. Entering a trade requires no more than a few seconds.

The Asset Index Covers A Wide Range Of Markets

As you continue to grow as a trader, you will also be interested in investing your money in other assets. That’s because most investors are keen to diversify their portfolios. The biggest advantage of portfolio diversification is that you can practice hedging. Hedging is a technique you can use to minimize the risks of loss when you enter a trade. You will be impressed with the size of the asset index you get from TheCoinTrust. It covers financial markets around the world and has thousands of assets available for trading.

You can trade commodities, stocks, forex currency pairs, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a very emerging market, but you have it available with TheCoinTrust. What you will love most about cryptocurrency trading with TheCoinTrust is the ability to trade many different digital currencies. Most traders are under the impression that their brokers can only allow them to trade bitcoins, but that is not true. When you sign up for TheCoinTrust, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple, among others. 

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Low Spreads and Commissions

TheCoinTrust has a very low spread and you don’t have to pay any form of high commission when creating an account or trading on the platform.  What makes things even better is the fact that huge leverages are also available to you on the platform. 

Solid Educational Resources for Traders 

TheCoinTrust has beaten many of its competitors when it comes to quality of education. His video-based course is one of the best you can find on any online broker’s website. These videos will explain to you what CFD trading is all about and how you can make a profit even when market conditions are not friendly to you. They will also explain the blockchain and cryptocurrency market to you, and how you can profit from this market. A lot of information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain is already available on the website.

The best thing that TheCoinTrust has included in its educational material is the professional-level webinars. Yes, these are webinars where professionals will teach you all about trading. Whether you want to know about trading currency pairs or have an interest in the cryptocurrency market, webinars are the perfect way to learn all of that. You will see lectures and speeches from the best speakers who are also experienced traders. This type of learning has proven to be very successful in recent days. The best thing is that you can ask the host questions if you have any. Your questions are answered in real-time.

Customer Support Is Reliable

The first thing you will notice is that TheCoinTrust has a very detailed FAQ section on the website. This is probably one of the most detailed FAQ sections you will find on an online broker’s website. Answers almost any question you may have about the broker, your online account, trading, etc. Customer care professionals are available on the phone 24/6 to help you with your issues. The phone number is readily available in the Contact Us section of the website. You can also use the contact form or email address on the website to get in to

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