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    Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? Everything You Need To Know About Him

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    Why All This Fuss Over Satoshi Nakamoto Is A Boost For Bitcoin : All Tech  Considered : NPR

    2009 was a remarkable year in many senses that led to the search for decentralized finance, but it also brought forth new technology, and it was blockchain. Multiple developments are taking place and revolutionising the economy, and there was much rumour about who led to the rise of cryptocurrency. 

    One of the common names that you would hear when we talk about cryptocurrencies is Satoshi Nakamoto. Here we will be highlighting the details about the founder and mysteries associated with it. 

    Understanding The Concept of Cryptocurrency

    If you want to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency, it is important to also know about Bitcoin. It was with Bitcoin that the world got to know about decentralized transactions. Bitcoin operates on a peer-to-peer network, which means that there are two interacting parties what is the buyer and one is the seller. What’s the trade is made between the two parties, the payment is executed, and all this happens without the validation and approval of any 3rd party. 

    When it comes to Bitcoin mining, the miners play a significant role in circulating cryptocurrencies; they solve the mathematical equations, and the ones who are able to do it the first are rewarded with Bitcoin. Since the information remains scattered across the notes in a blockchain, it gets the name decentralization, and that’s what forms the key feature of cryptocurrency exchange.

    Inventor of Cryptocurrencies

    • Satoshi Nakamoto- While there still remains a lot of discrepancies and confusion behind the name that led to the search for the decentralized transaction, Satoshi Nakamoto started to be the man who introduced the concept of decentralized transactions. 

    Satoshi Nakamoto comes at the list as a pseudo name for the real identity as the inventor of cryptocurrencies . Some also believe start companies like Motorola are behind the introduction of decentralized transactions, but nobody knows the exact fact. Time in again, different personalities have been associated with Bitcoin. The names of 3 most popular personalities are mentioned below:

    • Dorian Nakamoto – Dorian Nakamoto is known to be an engineer in California whose article published in 2014 grabbed a lot of attention. The trail leads to a Japanese American man who’s named Satoshi Nakamoto. But later on, the investigations revealed that he was not the man behind Bitcoin.
    • Hal Finney – It is known that Bitcoin is the product of the cyberpunk movement and helpfully was associated with it. He was an active part of the Bitcoin community, and he was the first person to receive a Bitcoin. 
    • Nick Szabo- He was also an active part of the Bitcoin community. What made him associated with bit point was the blog that he published in 2005, which was named digital currency called bit gold. Since the concept of Bitcoin was introduced four years after this article was published, it is anticipated that Nick Szabo is associated with Bitcoin.


    Based on certain important parameters, it can be stated that Bitcoin is going to rule the popularity charts in the times to come; with the wider applications and most the countries creating a framework for regulating the Bitcoin transactions and trading. If you have a keen interest like other enthusiastic Bitcoin investors, you should also know if the world should embrace Bitcoin.

    If you are also planning to join just bandwagon, this is the right time to register yourself on the crypto trading platform and start earning. However, it is important that you must scroll through all the information related to cryptocurrency and trading before venturing into it. Remember investing in cryptocurrency has associated risk, and so you must contemplate all the options. 

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