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Youtuber Ice Poseidon Stole 500000 From Followers In Crypto Rip Off

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Right now, the ideas of the Russian power suppliers present that many organizations are nonetheless in opposition to the use of cryptocurrencies. Some Russian energy suppliers are actually sharing their plans to forestall at-home crypto mining. Here are the suggestions from the Russian affiliation of power utilities and energy suppliers. But if you are somebody who just jumps into the hype train of NFTs, pondering you can be instantly wealthy, greatest you get off the train. Logan Paul invested $623,000 on a bumblebee NFT, now it’s worth $4,000. Even those with blue tick marks turned out to be a rip-off and influencers who have their blue tick marks turned out to be unreliable as nicely.

Liquid provides high-performance API, deep liquidity, a number of the most unusual buying and selling experiences within the trade with a broad variety of assets, all in one platform. Sure enough, as soon as enough individuals bought in, the builders pulled the rug and disappeared, no children helped. Every time, it’d have some silly names like Squidcoin or MILF tokens and only one word from the pleasant neighborhood Twitch streamer, it’s the most properly liked factor on the blockchain. A lot of occasions, the influencers themselves are behind the rip-off or paying builders to do it.

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That web site particularly hosted deepfakes of feminine Twitch streamers, some of whom have been Atrioc’s colleagues. Coffeezilla questioned the youtuber about the rug pull that was utilized to currency, which is a fraud where all funds are all of a sudden withdrawn, something like a sudden pull to a carpet with a fold, therefore its name. Later that month, Denino posted a video on Youtube called Picking up Tesla which sparked some controversy around the community, as a outcome of an enormous chunk of the liquidity pool funds disappeared on the identical time. Despite the fact that he claimed the project was “long-term”, the “mysterious” drainage of the liquidity pool made the declare that rather more dodgy. Ice Poseidon was a popular Twitch streamer in the mid-2010s, coming to stardom around 2015 for his coverage of Jagex’s MMORPG Old School Runescape. He was suspended multiple occasions before Twitch permanently banned him in April 2017 for being swatted on a plane.

There had been some people who ended up shopping for faux CxCoins, and I refunded their cash out of kindness,” Poseidon said.

If you ever seen in company advertising, they hire a lot of influencers now. This is because individuals belief humans greater than trusting an organization or model. Porn star Lana Rhoades allegedly made off with $1.5 million price of Ethereum (ETH) in an apparent rip-off involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She claims that she is not to blame for the theft, the group had turn into too “negative and rude” toward her. If you are interested in cryptocurrency investments, create a free account on Liquid and revel in access to over a hundred cryptocurrencies.

This led to Paul Denino making all of his social media platforms non-public, and leaving comments on all his movies turned off. This led to a conclusion, on the again of Cofeezilla’s investigation, that the Youtuber pulled $300K worth of CxCoin out of the liquidity pool just two weeks after the project was released, and allegedly purchased the car. For the time being, it appears that Ice Poseidon will continue to maintain the funds of individuals who invested in CXCoin, claiming that he intends to invest the funds in various cryptocurrencies. CoffeeZilla repeatedly tried to get Ice Poseidon to return the cash when he confronted him within the call.

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“Part of the responsibility is on them [the fans] as well, for putting too much emotion into it,” Denino stated on the decision. “You need me to offer the money again,” he goes on to say, “but I’m gonna look out for myself and not try this.” If victims file sufficient complaints, regulators may find the case straightforward to prosecute. After all, Ice Poseidon has more-or-less admitted to stealing money from his followers, no doubt making the case straight-forward.

Poseidon added that he is not going to return the money to his followers, adding that individuals need to look out for themselves. The rip-off was uncovered in a recent video by a YouTuber referred to as Coffeezilla. Coffeezilla defined that Denino personally stole greater than $300,000, while he used the remaining $200,000 to pay the developers. Then, according to reports, he used a half of the leftover funds to purchase himself a brand-new Tesla. Attempts to view Ice Poseidon’s official website now return a 404 error, basic crypto rugpull conduct.

youtuber ice poseidon stole 500000 from followers in crypto rip off

Kinder’s agency made a website known as “Take Down Ticketmaster” to lay out issues fans had with the Swift presale and with the company as a whole. The post-pandemic box office has been turbulent, to say the least. While some blockbusters have been capable of tempo near pre-2020 ranges, different films have struggled to search out an audience. Especially as studios have relied on the ease of throwing films immediately on streaming, it has been exhausting to get individuals again within the theater. Denino also claimed that his choice to drain the funds was not “rugging” as a end result of he still left some cash within the liquidity pool. Ice Poseidon mentioned that it was not a fraud as a result of there have been nonetheless some dollars, one thing like $40,000 of what had been invested and that he had the cash in his possession.

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As a former digital artist, it’s good to know that artists can make a residing to create art. The 24-year-old IRL streamer, whose real name is Paul Denino, reportedly had his house raided by FBI earlier this week. Transaction history on Etherscan reveals they were the 265th particular person to make this mistake. Most folks did so with far smaller quantities of WETH, though one other unfortunate dealer misplaced a hundred and fifteen WETH (at the time valued at $360,000) on August eleven, 2021.

youtuber ice poseidon stole 500000 from followers in crypto rip off

Excited by the providing, investors dedicated a total of $500,000 into the scheme, with the hope of getting big returns. At the moment, the fundamental gist of the story is that a minor internet superstar scammed his fans out of $500,000, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it but hope he has a change of heart. Denino took the funds from pre-sale and advertising wallets, as well as the token’s liquidity pool (the tackle containing the majority of the provision meant help its development). In a separate assertion, the former Twitch streamer acknowledged that he withdrew about $300,000 from the coin’s liquidity pool because there have been few “real” holders or a major quantity invested. According to Bitcoin.Com’s newest report, Russian vitality providers need to curb amateur crypto mining actions, particularly since subsidized household electricity.

Streamer Ice Poseidon admitted to YouTuber Coffeezilla that he personally profited $300,000 from a pump and dump crypto scheme he set up. YouTuber Ice Poseidon took advantage of his followers and scammed them out of a CxCoin cryptocurrency investment. Controversial YouTuber Ice Poseidon has been accused of scamming followers with a crypto project generally recognized as CXCoin.

The votes to proceed had begun to beat out the votes to wind down when Daniele Sestagalli announced on Twitter on January 30, before the vote’s scheduled finish, that the “Wonderland experiment is coming to an end.” One week later, Rhoades disappeared from Cryptosis’ Discord channel, taking with her about $1.5 million in ethereum, or 509 ETH, in accordance with Etherscan. An estimated 6,000 folks got “rugged,” Coffeezilla alleged in his video, citing conversations from the project’s social media sites. Twitch’s updates come as synthetic NCEI and deepfakes have turn into a major matter of concern for social media platforms. Earlier this 12 months, Twitch was home to a significant deepfake controversy after a streamer known as Atrioc was caught with an open tab to an web site that hosted these videos.

Interestingly, Coffeezilla claimed that his probe revealed that the streamer had only returned $47,000. During their chat, Ice Poseidon informed Coffeezilla he could give the money back however had no intention to because he’s searching for himself. Sometime on January 26, though, Ice Poseidon had a slight change of coronary heart. He agreed to offer $155,000 again, however Coffeezilla found out Ice Poseidon solely returned $47,000. The Russian group’s members stated that using low cost energy to mint digital tokens is likely one of the major issues in crypto mining.

youtuber ice poseidon stole 500000 from followers in crypto rip off

He showed no remorse for his determination to scam his followers, despite all but admitting to finishing up the rip-off. How might anyone not assume he’d rug pull at the first opportunity. Despite admitting he pulled cash out and later refused to give any back, Ice Poseidon remained adamant no fans were ripped off. In complete, he worked on CxCoin for two weeks with fixed guarantees about its “long-term” viability, then conveniently claimed that the project had all of a sudden died of its own accord.

Denino apparently netted US$500,000 with this scam, however he used US$200,000 to pay the builders who helped him in orchestrating the scheme. He allegedly used a few of the remaining US$300,000 to deal with himself with a brand-new Tesla and sarcastically even live-streamed on YouTube when he picked up the automotive final summer. One of probably the most notable crypto scams of 2021 involved FaZe clans and another content creators, such as RiceGum and the coin referred to as SaveTheKids.

According to CoffeeZilla’s report, Ice took an estimated 200k from the presale, 250k of the advertising money, and 300k from the liquidity pool, so 40k isn’t anywhere close to the quantity he and his group took out. Media outlet Kotaku reports that a YouTuber named Coffeezilla, who investigates crypto-related scams, disclosed in a 23-minute video on the video-sharing platform, narrating how Poseidon pulled the rug on his followers. Social media influencer Ice Poseidon says he’s looking out for himself and won’t hand back $500,000 value of crypto he scammed from followers in an audacious rugpull scheme.

  • Especially as studios have relied on the ease of throwing films directly on streaming, it has been exhausting to get folks again in the theater.
  • He purportedly persuaded skeptics and doubters that this may be a long-term project, however he offered all of his foreign money, inflicting the remaining forex held by supporters and traders to drop in value.
  • Controversial streamer Ice Poseidon, aka Paul Denino, appears to have transparently scammed his followers for $500,000 in a pump-and-dump cryptocurrency scheme.
  • While the ads didn’t present express pornographic content, one ad featuring Watson was clearly meant to mimic the beginning of an explicit video, suggesting a sexual act was about to begin.
  • So, if you watch certainly one of them, you’ve probably heard of the others just by affiliation.
  • Denino repeatedly switched blame to buyers as a substitute of himself, claiming they might have gotten out at an earlier time.

Ice Poseidon, real name Paul Denino, allegedly duped followers out of $500,000 in a pump and dump cryptocurrency scam. When questioned by YouTuber Coffeezilla, he exhibited no regret for the crime. This whole state of affairs sucks, and I can’t imagine dropping cash like this. It’s not the first time an influencer has used their clout to rip-off fans out of money, either. A few FaZe Clan members, including Jarvis and Kay, were caught and reprimanded for their involvement within the Save The Kids crypto scheme. Parasocial relationships are weird so be conscious of who you comply with.

youtuber ice poseidon stole 500000 from followers in crypto rip off

The scam was initially uncovered by Coffeezilla after varied complaints on Poseidon from individuals who invested within the coin. The coin was allegedly designed as a tipping mechanism for content creators with Poseidon using the lure of a long run project to attract buyers. In December, we reported on hanging statistics which claimed that such scams and rug pulls brought on no much less than US$7.7 billion in damages to crypto holders in 2021.

In 2017, he was permanently banned from the platform after a viewer called in a bomb-threat hoax as he boarded an airplane. During a minimal of one instance in his Twitch streams, Denino allegedly admitted to credit-card fraud whereas on air. While many would assume Poseidon would feel bad concerning the unfortunate incident, he seemed pleased about the development.

According to Coffeezilla, Denino pledged he would give $155,000 back to buyers, which is lower than a 3rd of what he obtained, when he realized the story would go public. Victims can also file a whistleblower report with the SEC and a fraud complaint with the FTC. More than $800,000 price of the token was traded on its first day. “I warned folks before I launched it that it was an especially risky and risky thing and to make sure they perceive when to buy in the event that they select. There have been some individuals who ended up shopping for pretend cxCoins, and I refunded their money out of kindness,” he said. “Part of the responsibility is on them as nicely for putting an extreme amount of emotion into it.

Recently, a YouTuber named Ice Poseidon received confronted with a rug pull he supposedly did with his crypto CX Coin. Some are nonetheless defending him to this minute regardless of having misplaced money in the whole process. While the famous pump and dump and rug pull schemes might sound fairly apparent for most, it appears that evidently influencers are extra profitable at pulling them off due to constructed relationships with their followers. Ice Poseidon, actual name Paul Denino, raised the value of a brand new cryptocurrency, CXCoin, by enlisting the help of his followers. He purportedly persuaded skeptics and doubters that this is able to be a long-term project, but he bought all of his currency, inflicting the remaining foreign money held by supporters and buyers to drop in value.

“The creation, promotion, or viewing of this content just isn’t welcome on Twitch,”  the company mentioned closing its weblog submit. Twitch referred to this content as “synthetic non-consensual exploitative images,” or “synthetic NCEI,” but most of the platform’s users have casually referred to it as deepfake porn. Synthetic NCEI includes someone taking the face of another person and modifying it right into a pornographic video to make it seem as if that particular person filmed themselves demonstrating those sexual acts.

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